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Through the frequency of the Divine Feminine, Femme Deadly Venoms (FDV) aims to be this generation's Hip-Hop feminist manifesto. FDV uses word, sound, the power of music and messaging to influence and catalyze change. FDV is here to uplift women and femmes in all facets of the music industry. FDV is: Aïma the Drmr: MC/Vocalist, Breathless: MC/Vocalist, Dakini Star: MC/Vocalist and Lady Fingaz: Turntablist/Vocalist/Producer. FDV started as a jam session at Lady Fingaz' house where femme musicians congregated to share in their passion for music. The first project, La Femme Deadly Venoms: The EP; (2013), spawned from these sessions. Along with Lady Fingaz and MC Aima the Dreamer, The EP; included keyboardist Kat O1O (Crown City Rockers) and Skratchpad founders Celskiii and Deeandroid featuring live music and vocals fused with produced beats and turntablism. FDV released their second EP in 2015, produced by Lady Fingaz and featuring Aïma the Dreamer entitled “Planet Femme” which shares a multi-genre musical point of view and a refreshing balance of smart and sultry lyrics over intricate beats.


From the jump, Aima the Dreamer and Lady Fingaz were a perfect pair on stage and in the studio; picking up musically where the other left off–the musician’s equivalent of “finishing each other's sentences.” They envisioned the future of FDV: female powerhouses serving up a sweet gumbo of Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and Electronica and electrifying live performances. FDV Today and 2020 FDV had grown to a Powerhouse Quartet with co-visionaries Breathless and Dakini joining Lady Fingaz and Aïma resulting in electrifying live performances. “The live show has become even more dynamic with the added voices and energies of these seasoned performers. Though diversifying our group with powerful self-realized women from different backgrounds, we give a platform to the rich and full experience of the Femme Spectrum.” -Aïma the Dreamer 

“FDV is a Supergroup composed of individually talented beings who form together as FDV, a powerful force of four set out to enlighten, empower and ignite fires in the souls of our listeners. We speak truth in our sounds that cultivate introspection.” 

-Breathless National network television is taking notice. In 2021 FDV’s first released single “Femmenomenon” was featured on the CBS show “The Equalizer” starring Hip Hop legend, pioneering MC Queen Latifah. The “Femmenomenon” video and their anticipated album has been released with much anticipation. FDV on the FDV Feminst Manifesto: “It is important to me to help other female identifying persons because sometimes all it really takes is knowing you aren't alone. And sometimes that one pathway that's paved can make someone else's journey a little easier, or a little more understood.” - Breathless

 “I am inspired to help female identified performers and all artists who suffer under racist patriarchal systems of oppression…to use and share every platform I have, every ounce of my being to uplift the voices, stories and truths of any and all people who are overlooked and dismissed in our society for their gender, class, ethnicity and orientation.” -Aïma the Dreamer “My inspiration is to utilize the delivery system of music and frequencies to create change and uplift the voice of the feminine. The platform of FDV is instrumental in amplifying a diverse spectrum of lyricism, voices, stories, styles, skill sets, experience, and overall musical prowess. The Frequency of the divine feminine to me is nurturing, creationary, inspiring, uplifting and also is a force of ferocity, courage, strength and protectiveness.” - Dakini "We are sisters in this thang called music, if we can uplift and support our fellow musical sisters then we're doing our job, given that most industries are male dominated why not have a project that's Divine Feminine dominated."-Lady Fingaz

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